ThermoSci_SampleSeal 300The SampleSeal instrument from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, uses automated heat-sealing technology to seal and individualize samples, completing a full rack of 96 or 384 2D-barcoded tubes in less than one minute. The system enables low-volume, high-density storage to facilitate single-use sample access for downstream use, minimizing the impact of thaw and refreeze cycles on sample integrity. The foil-sealed tubes can be stored at temperatures from -196°C to 25°C and pierced with manual or automated pipette tips. SampleSeal can be used as a standalone benchtop instrument or as part of an integrated system using sample barcode readers and tracking software. The tubes and racks are validated for storage down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, while the sealed tubes are certified by the International Air Transport Association. For more information, visit Thermo Fisher Scientific.