Recently cleared by FDA, the Acusera HbA1c control from Randox Laboratories, Kearneysville, W Va, is designed for use in the quality control of HbA1c and total hemoglobin assays. Assayed instrument and method-specific target values and ranges are provided for all major systems and methods, including HPLC. The Acusera HbA1c control is 100% human whole blood, lyophilized for enhanced stability and longevity. The control helps minimize matrix effects, reducing lot-to-lot variations between batches. When reconstituted, it remains stable for 4 weeks at 2 to 8°C. The Acusera HbA1c is available in levels 1 and 2, along with a calibrator. All Randox controls are true third-party controls, designed to be compatible for use on any analyzer. For more information, visit Randox.