AFYS3G, Lelystad, the Netherlands,has launched Recapper for Screw Cap Tubes Sigma96, a new recapping solution to accelerate sample storage workflows. 

Designed to improve efficiency, the AFYS3G Recapper for Screw Cap Tubes can be used as a standalone instrument or integrated into a fully automated laboratory environment. This makes the recapper ideal for high throughput workflows, to scale-up sample processing for covid-19 testing or research and to relieve researchers from repetitive manual labor. 

The Sigma96 can (de)cap a whole rack of sample storage tubes in 30 seconds in a single action. The recapper is equipped with an interface (API) so that the device can be integrated into larger robotic systems like liquid handlers. An optional sensor verifies if all caps have been removed for an effective use of the device in an automation process. The Recapper for Screw Cap Tubes is a reliable and durable instrument for any lab managing compound libraries or biological sample stores that wants to increase sample throughput.

Easy to install and operate, the Sigma96 (de)caps tubes in 96-well format. Models for 48-well format and 24-well format tubes are also available. The recapper is compatible with labware from manufacturers like Brooks FluidX, LVL Technologies, Micronic, and Thermo Matrix. Through the graphical touch creen interface the operator is able to select different tubes to cap, decap, or recap without using different adapters for different tube sizes. The Recapper for Screw Cap Tubes uses a precisely determined torque value for optimal sealing quality thereby minimizing evaporation and maximizing the integrity of valuable samples stored in various tube sizes.

For more information, visit AFYS3G.