INTEGRA Biosciences has developed the WELLJET family of dispensers to reduce running costs, increase productivity, and provide longer walk-away times for bulk microplate filling and reagent dispensing.

Available with or without an automated plate stacker, the WELLJET uses the innovative EasySnap dispensing cassette to provide accurate and precise hands-free filling of plates ranging from six to 1,536 wells–as well as deep well plates and tube racks in plate format–for a wide range of applications.

The WELLJET’s EasySnap dispensing cassette is designed for accurate and reliable bulk reagent dispensing. Each cassette features precisely molded silicone tubing at the interface with the peristaltic pump unit, minimizing channel-to-channel variations, and therefore eliminating the need for time consuming cassette calibration. In addition, the ergonomic and robust design of the cassette ensures straightforward installation and removal without worrying about breaking components or making mistakes. Available in three sterile models–small bore 8 and 16 channel, and large bore 8 channel–these cassettes provide accurate and precise dispensing over a broad volume range of 0.5 μl to 10 ml.

The WELLJET dispenser and WELLJET dispenser stacker both feature ultracompact designs to save valuable bench space or fit inside a laminar flow cabinet. These dispensers enable a vast number of applications, from cell-based, kinetic and screening assays to ELISAs and genomic or proteomic analyses. Both systems offer quick and efficient set-up of dispensing protocols via a large, high-resolution touchscreen, and intuitive user interface. The WELLJET dispenser stacker also provides hands-free processing of plates, with front-loading towers for up to 25 or 50 plates to increase throughput and extend walk-away times.

The innovative WELLJET family of dispensers and EasySnap cassettes will transform the way labs dispense liquids and reagents for daily research activities.