Virax Biolabs, a diagnostics company focused on the prevention, detection, and diagnosis of viral diseases, announced the distribution of its Monkeypox Virus Antigen Rapid Test Kits which have been launched in markets accepting the CE mark, such as the European Union.

The test kits are for use in point of care settings and can help healthcare professionals accurately identify a monkeypox infection in people suspected of carrying the monkeypox virus with results typically available in 15 minutes. It also serves as a valuable initial screening test for individuals that have been exposed to monkeypox infected patients or a high-risk environment. The specialized diagnostic kits can be found by contacting the company’s sales representatives.

“I am very proud of our organization’s ability to quickly bring this rapid antigen test kit to market to help combat the monkeypox outbreak,” says James Foster, Virax’s CEO and Chairman of the Board. “We are working diligently to distribute the kits as well as the previously announced Monkeypox and Varicella Zoster Viruses Real Time PCR Detection Kits into the hands of healthcare practitioners as quickly as possible.”

The Monkeypox Virus Antigen Rapid Test Kits are used for in vitro qualitative detection of the monkeypox virus antigen in the oropharyngeal (throat) swabs and skin exudates of humans by colloidal gold immunochromatography.

In addition to distributing an array of viral test kids in unique geographies, Virax Biolabs Group Limited is currently developing a proprietary T-Cell Test technology with the intention of providing an immunology profiling platform that assesses each individual’s immune risk profile against major global viral threats.