Let’s Go Robotics, Carlsbad, Calif, has debuted Precise Drop microdispensing systems, suited for use in any environment from benchtop to full laboratory. Available in packaged configurations for one to 16 channels, the dispensers can be configured with more than 64 channels, as needed. Each channel is independently controlled, dispensing volumes from 50 nL to 650 ?L, and bulk fill up to 2 mL. Eliminating inconsistency and spillage problems common in manual processes, the systems support a wide range of substrates, microwell plates, and membranes. The systems use solenoid valves to meter consistent volumes into the substrate, microwell plate, or membrane. A digital control system ensures precise dispensing. Each valve has a dedicated independent microcontroller. Channels can be coordinated, individually timed, or timed-based on some external event. The user interface to the microcontrollers is browser-based, enabling operators to set up protocols and recipes using a computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other Web-based device. For more information, visit Let’s Go Robotics.