Flexicon Liquid Filling, Ringsted, Denmark, a business division of Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Cornwall, UK, has introduced an upgraded version of its FlexFeed30 (FF30) tabletop liquid filling and capping machine. The unit is capable of filling and capping up to 1200 bottles per hour with diameters from .47 to 1.97 inches, and up to 4.3 inches high. Standard screw caps, pipette caps, or custom cap designs up to 1.97 inches diameter are tightened with consistent torque to prevent bottle leaks. Developed to eliminate repetitive strain injuries arising from manual capping, the FF30 meets the demands of flexible small batch production. Its entire fluid path is designed for single use, thus preventing cross-contamination. A complete bottle and cap changeover can be completed in less than 5 minutes. The latest version of the unit features an updated bottle sensor, a newly designed ejector arm, and an integrated power outlet for peristaltic fillers. For more information, visit Flexicon.