Abbott Diagnostics has introduced a new performance monitoring subscription for its m2000 molecular diagnostics system. After a survey revealed that molecular diagnostics laboratory managers were spending 15% of their time collecting and organizing data, Abbott developed the mView system to automate data analysis and reduce the number of manually generated reports.

“We learned from our customers that automating instrument analytics into configurable reports will reduce the time spent by laboratory management and procurement to organize, analyze and visualize data,” says Maarten van der Linden, marketing director for Abbott’s molecular diagnostics business in Europe. “Displaying the data into actionable information improves the molecular lab operations and efficiency.”

The web-based data collection system includes a dashboard with configurable reports as well as monthly archived metrics to gauge calibration frequency, tests over time, run efficiency, and composition. Users must install AbbottLink, Abbott’s remote diagnostics agent, prior to accessing mView. WebEx training is available to teach customers how to navigate the site and generate reports.

“We found the software intuitive, easy to use and [it] allowed us to generate operational performance reports in a timely manner,” says Deidre Burke, laboratory manager at UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory in Dublin. “The mView custom reports are well presented and contain extensive analytical information. This innovative software solution has expedited the retrieval and analysis of performance data in my laboratory by 80%.”

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