BioTek_MultiFloFX-RAD-centerThe Multi-Flo FX multi-mode dispenser from BioTek, Winooski, Vt, is now available with optional random access dispense (RAD) technology to increase its application range for ELISAs as well as cell-based and bead-based assays. RAD technology enables single-channel dispensing to random individual microplate wells, as well as rapid reagent dispensing into large-volume wells of 6- to 24-well microplates. The MultiFlo FX can also be configured with an optional wash module for 6- to 384-well plates. Parallel dispense technology allows up to four independent reagents to be dispensed simultaneously without risk of fluid carryover. The system offers a choice of a peristaltic or syringe pump to facilitate reagent conservation, and unattended operation down to 500 nL. Angled dispense tips and flexible flow rates help keep cells intact. The system can also be integrated with the BioStack 4 microplate stacker for automation with lidded or non-lidded plates. For more information, visit BioTek.