Summary: Azenta Life Sciences showcased its Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer in a new video, highlighting its efficiency and integration capabilities for molecular diagnostics and drug discovery.


  1. The sealer can handle individual wells or tubes, offering flexibility for researchers to use custom shapes and seals according to their specific needs.
  2. Equipped with precise time and temperature controls, the device ensures consistent and reliable sealing across a variety of microplate types, the company says.
  3. The heat sealer can seamlessly integrate with other lab instruments, enhancing lab automation without requiring custom software.

Azenta Life Sciences has prepared an informative video demonstrating the walkaway productivity achievable using its Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery, and kit manufacturing applications.

The new video illustrates key benefits of the Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer that include operational flexibility, reproducible sealing, intuitive operation, and plug-and-play robotic integration, Azenta says.

An Automated Heat Sealer

The automated heat sealer can seal individual wells or tubes, enabling researchers to leverage the benefits of the Azenta Individual Access plate and seal range while maintaining the gold standard heat sealing provided by the device.

The Individual Access plate and seal range is based upon a plate design with individually removable wells, together with seals consisting of individual foil seal spots, the company says. Individual sealing enables selection and removal of tubes from the plate and is a flexible solution with the ability to also seal custom shapes with custom seals.

The high sealing pressure and accurate time and temperature controls used by Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer deliver reproducible seal uniformity on a wide range of microplates.

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User set-up is via a color touch screen with intuitive user interface. To aid productivity, the Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer provides the facility for saving password protected protocols and SOPs containing set temperatures and times.

Offering the versatility to be optimized for almost any sample integrity maintenance application – the instrument is “plug and play” connectable with other instruments, such as readers, robotic arms, and liquid handlers, to give a custom automated system without the need to write expensive custom drivers.