BIO-FLASH HiRes copyINOVA Diagnostics, San Diego, introduces BIO-FLASH, a rapid-response chemiluminescent analyzer for use by clinical reference and hospital laboratories.

The company also just released its QUANTA Flash® reagents for autoimmune disease diagnostic testing.

BIO-FLASH adapts quickly to varying workflow demands including STAT testing.

The analyzer achieves excellent throughput, completing up to 450 results in a single shift. The system eliminates batching and improves time to result using random-access processing to perform single or multiple assays at any time on any sample. The system also includes an increased analytical measuring range, onboard dilution, and stored calibration.

It offers full automation of a broad menu of highly accurate QUANTA Flash immunoassays for autoimmunity testing. Tests that previously required significant hands-on time can now be automated.

The menu of reagents includes tests to aid in the diagnosis of celiac disease, vasculitis, antiphospholipid syndrome and connective tissue diseases.

The analyzer and the QUANTA Flash reagents are classified as moderately complex under the Clinical Laboratories Improvements Act (CLIA), making the system accessible to a wide range of laboratories and their staff. The first result is generated in as little as 30 minutes, with additional results generated one per minute thereafter.

[Source: INOVA Diagnostics]