Rheonix_EncompassOptimumMicrofluidic Molecular Testing Workstation
Processes sample volumes from 5 to 700 µl
The Encompass Optimum workstation from Rheonix Inc, Ithaca, NY, performs fully automated, complex molecular assays in an easy-to-use and economical format. When integrated with a Rheonix Chemistry and Reagent Device (CARD) cartridge, the workstation can reduce the complexities of creating user-defined tests while also increasing efficiency and accuracy. The system can handle a broad range of sample types, including fresh and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue, as well as saliva, serum, swabs, urine, and whole blood. The workstation is capable of processing sample volumes from 5 to 700 µl and tissue mass up to 20 mg for integrated nucleic acid testing. It can process up to 24 samples simultaneously from sample input to result output without operator intervention. All assay steps are performed within the fully enclosed cartridge, eliminating contamination, reducing user error, and streamlining workflow. For research use only.
(607) 257-1242; www.rheonix.com

PerkinElmer chemagic_360_3Compact High-Volume Nucleic Acid Isolation
Offers sample volume flexibility
The Chemagic 360 instrument from PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, offers flexibility in automated DNA and RNA isolation when working with various clinical materials (blood, plasma, saliva), sample volumes (10 µl–10 ml) and throughputs (1–12, 1–24, 1–96) on a compact, benchtop instrument. The device utilizes the company’s chemagen technology, which separates nucleic acids through an innovative process and leads to efficient and homogeneous resuspension of particles during the preparation steps. Laboratorians leverage PerkinElmer’s chemagen offerings to simplify their workflows for a wide range of next-generation sequencing and polymerase chain reaction applications in the fields of human genetics and biobanking, human leukocyte antigen typing, pathogen detection, and viral identification.
(800) 762-4000; www.perkinelmer.com

Sysmex XN-9000Scalable Hematology System
Operates up to nine analytical modules
The Sysmex XN-9000 from Sysmex America Inc, Lincolnshire, Ill, is a scalable, automated hematology system that provides different levels of efficiency to meet the needs of laboratories of any size and complexity of patient mix. The system can operate up to nine analytical modules with various combinations of analyzers, slide preparation units, tube sorters, and HbA1c sample testing management. The line offers advanced integrated IT management with Sysmex WAM middleware, which enables multisite connectivity and systemwide rules for autovalidation rates greater than 85%. Compatible modules include the DI-60 slide processing system, TS-10/10-H integrated tube sorter and archiver, and the Variant II Turbo Link HbA1c testing module by Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, Calif.
Sysmex America
(888) 879-7639; www.sysmex.com

Hologic T500Automated Sample Processor
Supports 8 hours of walkaway capability
The ThinPrep 5000 autoloader system from Hologic Inc, Marlborough, Mass, is a fully automated sample processor that can improve lab workflow and reduce errors with hands-free processing. The system can be loaded with up to 160 samples, 300 filters, and 300 blank slides for 8 hours of walkaway capability. Consumables and vials can be refilled at any time, as needed for continuous processing. Mixed sample types can be loaded at the same time in separate racks and run within the same batch. Featuring automatic slide etching, the system is designed to reduce the time spent manually applying slide labels. The instrument is approved to process ThinPrep Pap, Non-Gyn, and UroCyte samples
(781) 999-7453; www.hologic.com

Dolomite single cell RNA SeqHigh-Throughput Single-Cell Transcriptomics System
Generates 10,000 single-cell libraries in one run
Dolomite Bio, Royston, UK, has developed the single-cell RNA-Seq system for efficient, high-throughput single-cell transcriptomics. The compact, scalable system enables rapid, reproducible droplet encapsulation of individual cells, allowing up to 10,000 single-cell libraries to be generated in a single 15-minute run. The system allows up to 500 µl samples containing cells and oligo-barcoded beads to be encapsulated in monodispersed droplets, each containing a single cell. It incorporates all the components required to encapsulate individual cells, including the hardware, software, and accessories. Following encapsulation, the cell is lysed, allowing the mRNA to be captured on the beads for downstream recovery and sequencing.
Dolomite Bio
(617) 848-1211; www.dolomite-bio.com

Syrris Titan Syringe pump.159Syringe Pump
Supports continuous processing
Syrris, Royston, UK, has launched the Titan syringe pump, a continuous-flow chemical processing module. Designed for safe and reliable scale-up, the chemically resistant single-channel pump delivers flow rates from 1 to 250 ml per minute. The device handles pressures up to 20 bar and viscosities up to 1,000 cP, delivering precisely controlled flow rates for extended periods. Removable cassettes allow straightforward servicing of syringes and enable seals to be rapidly changed with minimal tools. A built-in backwash maintains the cleanliness of pistons and cylinders, which also helps to protect users and prevent degradation of air-sensitive chemicals. The pump can be controlled manually through an intuitive remote-display touchscreen or be fully automated through PC software.
(617) 803-6655; www.syrris.com

Torrey Pines HS65 2016Programmable Hot Plate
Features five stirring positions
Torrey Pines Scientific Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, has released the EchoTherm model HS65 programmable digital stirring hot plate with five stirring positions, designed for reproducible, accurate, and hands-off sample preparation and experimentation. Programming is performed through a front panel membrane switch and full-functioned custom liquid crystal display. The unit’s memory can store 10 programs of as many as 10 steps each, where each step is a temperature, temperature ramp rate, stirring speed, and time. Each program can be made to repeat automatically from one to 98 times or infinitely. All programs are stored electronically. Each stirring position can be set to the same speed or to individual speeds. Nonprogrammed operations can also be performed. Heater plates are 12 inch x 12 inch white, solid ceramic glass for chemical resistance and quick heating. The plate surface can be heated from ambient to 400°C. Plate surface temperature or solution temperature is controlled directly to 1°C of the target.
Torrey Pines Scientific
(866) 573-9104; www.torreypinesscientific.com

INFORCE HT CGQCell Growth Quantifier
Enables online monitoring
The cell growth quantifier (CGQ), manufactured by Aquila Biolabs, Baesweiler, Germany, and distributed by Infors HT, Laurel, Md, allows noninvasive online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks. The automatic measurements save time and seek to ensure sustainable success of shake flask experiments. The CGQ determines the biomass concentration automatically, optically, and noninvasively through the vessel wall using a patented sensor. Overall, the CGQ can generate detailed microbial growth kinetics in up to 16 shake flasks simultaneously and in real time.
The device is compatible with all common types of glass and with transparent single-use flasks in sizes 250, 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 ml.
Infors HT
(855) 520-7277; www.infors-ht.us

Siemens AtellicaIntegrated Analyzer System
Features bidirectional magnetic sample-transport technology
The Atellica Solution from Siemens Healthineers, Tarrytown, NY, is a flexible clinical chemistry and immunoassay solution featuring patented bidirectional magnetic sample-transport technology that is 10 times faster than conventional conveyors. Now undergoing FDA premarket notification (510(k)) review, and not available for sale in the United States, the instrument is expected to offer a multicamera vision system and intelligent sample routing for independent control over every sample. The system can handle more than 30 types of sample containers, including pediatric and special containers. Atellica’s single immunoassay analyzer is expected to be capable of processing more than 400 tests per hour, depending on the test mix in use, and the same reagents can be used across configurations and locations. The system can be used as a standalone unit or combined into more than 300 customizable configurations, including L-shaped, U-shaped, and linear formations.
Siemens Healthineers
(800) 242-3233; usa.healthcare.siemens.com

Binding Site OptiLiteSpecial Protein Analyzer
Minimizes sample preparation time
The Optilite from Binding Site Inc, San Diego, enables users to optimize workflows with flexible, unrestricted access to samples, reagents, and cuvettes. Users can minimize sample preparation time by loading any combination of sample tubes and fluid types; the instrument redilutes to end result, thereby eliminating manual sample dilutions. The unit delivers results with three methods of antigen excess protection. Optilite simplifies data security through automatic lot number recognition and full traceability. System dimensions are 94 cm x 70 cm x 62 cm.
Binding Site
(800) 633-4484; www.bindingsite.com

Micronic 1.40 tubesSample Storage Tubes
Equipped with external thread
Micronic, Lelystad, the Netherlands, has launched a 1.40 ml tube with an external screw thread, the first in a line of new designs featuring an external thread. Using externally threaded tubes for sample storage eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, reducing the chance of cross-contamination. Externally threaded tubes also allow for a higher volume of material to be stored inside. The tubes are designed for long-term as well as ultra-low temperature storage, and they are compatible with automated systems. Due to the injection molding and assembly process used to produce the sample tubes, the black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube. The tube code surface also features a raised edge, which protects the available 2D data matrix code from accidental scratches. The 2D codes have a human-readable code for additional identification.
Micronic America
(484) 480-3372, www.micronic.com

Tecan Freedom EVO 100_3_TEC000417I3D Cell Culture Platform
Compatible with all cell types
Tecan Group Ltd, Männedorf, Switzerland, and CellSpring, Zürich, Switzerland, a biotech spin-out from ETH Zurich, have announced a comarketing agreement to automate the latter’s 3D Bloom system on Tecan’s Freedom EVO workstation. The adaptive 3D Bloom biopolymer platform is compatible with all cell types and is suited for both mono- and coculture assays. 3D microtissues can be prepared in microplate format within minutes, and analysis is carried out while still in the culture matrix. Four worktable capacities are offered in Tecan’s Freedom EVO series, which was developed to offer precision, reliable liquid handling, and easy-to-use robotics. Whether 75 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm, or 200 cm, each unit supports modular configuration, and can be combined with a variety of robotic arms, liquid handling tools, and application options.
Tecan Group
(800) 231-0711; lifesciences.tecan.com

Streck Temp-Chex GroupPortfolio of Thermometers
Automatically records up to 10 events
Streck, Omaha, Neb, offers a number of thermometers to monitor temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and general laboratory rooms. The Temp-Chex Digital II thermometer measures temperatures from –50°C to 200°C and features an easy-to-read display with minimum/maximum temperature, low/high alarm, and date/time modes. When a temperature is out of its alarm limits, the unit automatically records the date and time of up to 10 events. Also available are the Enviro-Safe and Red Spirit Temp-Chex thermometers, which measure temperatures from –90°C to 50°C. Temp-Chex thermometers are mercury-free, and Enviro-Safe thermometers utilize only biodegradable, nontoxic, and nonflammable components.
(800) 843-0912; www.streck.com

Fluid MeteringIntelligentPump-300Programmable Pump
Offers five inputs and two outputs
The Intelligent programmable pump from Fluid Metering Inc, Syosset, NY, combines the company’s precision valveless STH stepper pump with an integral programmable driver in a compact design. The driver provides precision servo control of the STH pump’s stepper motor for resonance-free, quiet operation. With five programmable inputs and two outputs, the pump is compatible with multiple programming platforms, including C/C++, Delphi, LabView, and Visual Basic. Analog 0-5 VDC, RS-232, and CANopen communications protocols are supported, with an optional EtherCAT communication module available. The programmable driver and stepper provide precision control of the company’s CeramPump integral valveless piston pump, which features only one moving part—a sapphire-hard ceramic piston—in contact with fluid.
Fluid Metering
(800) 223-3388; www.fmipump.com

Hamilton ELISA-NIMBUS-logoLiquid Handling System
Provides walkaway automation for up to eight ELISA microplates
Based on the Microlab Nimbus liquid handling platform, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) Nimbus from Hamilton Robotics, Reno, NV, offers comprehensive automation for ELISA kits using absorbance for detection. The system features a user-friendly interface along with a real-time run control dashboard. Its small footprint is balanced for sample, reagent, and tip capacity, allowing complete walkaway analysis of up to eight 96-well microplates. Accommodating samples starting in test tubes or microplates, ELISA Nimbus provides complete chain-of-custody processing. The system is designed with four independent pipetting channels, a washer, four shaking incubators, an absorbance reader, data reduction software, and laboratory information management system integration capabilities.
Hamilton Robotics
(800) 648-5950; www.hamiltoncompany.com/robotics