Tecan, Mannedorf, Switzerland, has unveiled its Cavro Magni Flex OEM robotic liquid handling instrument development platform. The modular and scalable solution is intended for low to medium throughput workflows, offering the flexibility and functionality to quickly and easily create innovative automation systems for virtually any life sciences application, from immunoassay processing to molecular diagnostics.

The Cavro Magni Flex provides the core robotic architecture for the development of complete automation solutions, with a highly configurable workdeck designed to accommodate a wide range of labware formats and devices to meet specific workflow requirements. A variety of carriers, cutouts, and custom grids are available to create any number of layouts, and the system is available with a choice of two, four, or eight independent pipetting channels. The platform’s liquid handling arm offers variable tip spacing capabilities to suit different labware types and enable reformatting activities, and can act as both a pipettor and gripper, optimizing use of the available space.

The Cavro Magni Flex takes advantage of the Tecan Cavro line of OEM liquid handling components to provide a comprehensive, modular liquid handling framework that allows seamless integration into any system. With Tecan’s MapLinx development software kit—which includes high-level functional commands for straightforward programming, a worktable editor with virtual library and drag-and-drop features, and a 3-D simulator to simplify software testing—the Cavro Magni Flex is designed to accelerate instrument development and time to market.

“The Cavro Magni Flex is designed to stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of our partners and the evolving market,” says Joe Rotter, vice president of global marketing for life science components at Tecan. “It offers advanced software development capabilities and exceptional design flexibility to provide easy access to liquid handling automation for faster instrument development. In the future, it will enable customers to monitor their installed base remotely, for superior performance monitoring and implementation of productivity enhancements.”

For more information, visit Tecan.