RBC Bioscience, an RD driven manufacturer for DNA/RNA extraction systems with presence in EU markets, is releasing its latest development to the American diagnostics and research market this year.

MagCore EDA is latest instrument, that combines DNA/RNA extraction and Smart PCR Setup and provides a complete solution for the lab workflow optimization.

“With the capability of the NA extraction and PCR set up preparation as one operation the instrument provides massive benefits to its users,” says David Cho, the company’s CEO. “PCR zone is opened, so the machine can be used by anyone with any kits or reagents they are using, including inhouse PCR preparations. Machine passed extensive testing targeting user experience, safety, durability, robustness of the system, pipetting precision and liquid level detection – it is an ultimate solution for most of the mDx users, no matter in research or in clinical market.”

The instrument has 3 modes of operation: NA extraction, PCR setup, and NA extraction with PCR setup. MagCore EDA presents a set of unique features such as HEPA filters, cooling plate for idling eluates, spectrophotometer for automatic OD measurements at the end of extraction, safety locks, that ensure the ease of use and safety of the system.

System features include:

  • PC USB Control Interface
  • 1-48 Samples
  • Built-in Cooler
  • HEPA Filters
  • UV Decontamination
  • Auto Barcode Scanner
  • Spectrophotometer
  • PCR Assay Setup and Serial Dilution
  • LIMS Connectivity
  • Built-in Program

RBC Bioscience is an ISO, CE-IVD and QMS certified as well as U.S. FDA registered, world-leading manufacturer of reagents and devices for Life Science and Molecular Diagnosis. The company established a solid presence in Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and other European countries for more than 10 years.

Featured image: MAgCore EDA – Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Zone. Photo: RBC Bioscience