Tecan, Mannedorf, Switzerland, has announced a highly anticipated software upgrade for one of its flagship products, the Fluent Automation Workstation. The new FluentControl Scheduler offers a number of features designed to simplify day-to-day laboratory automation for significantly increased throughput and workflow efficiency. This software has been developed in response to customer feedback and an in-depth understanding of future market needs, with intelligent and user-friendly features that help labs heighten productivity.

FluentControl Scheduler streamlines workflows for laboratories that run various assays and processes in parallel. Users can easily optimize the processing of multiple plates, automatically planning when individual steps are performed to maximize throughput without compromising time-critical actions such as reagent addition or microplate reading. The system reacts dynamically during a run, making adjustments based on actual times taken to continuously ensure optimal throughput, which can all be followed in real time via an easy-to-interpret Gantt chart.

The software also simplifies GMP record keeping and regulatory compliance, with the times for each action accurately recorded and stored for review. And for complete peace of mind, operators can use Tecan Connect to remotely monitor their instrument’s progress, with remote notifications if user interaction is needed, freeing up additional staff for other high value activities.  

“We are proud to reveal the FluentControl Scheduler, which will help to not only improve our customers’ laboratory efficiencies, but make scheduling easier to give them more time to concentrate on their valuable research,” says Klaus Lun, PhD, head of the Life Sciences Division at Tecan. “This software builds on the powerful benefits of the Fluent, which has expanded laboratory capabilities since its launch. We are also delighted to announce that as of the beginning of 2021, the Fluent is a carbon neutral product, achieved through carbon offsetting and greener solutions that reduce emissions over the product’s life cycle.”

Featured image: FluentControl Scheduler is a software update to simplify workflow on the Tecan Fluent. (Photo: Tecan)