Personal eye wash is a basic first aid supply for any work environment, but most personal eye wash can only rinse one eye at a time. The Plum Duo Eye Wash made by Bel-Art, Wayne, NJ, features a dual eyepiece that administers solution to both eye simultaneously .

Peter Yoo, product manager for Bel-Art–SP Scienceware, says, “It is very important to apply first aid immediately so permanent injury can be prevented. Plum Duo provides solution to both eyes simultaneously.”

The dual eyepiece keeps both eyes open while two streams of solution flow from the inner eyes toward the outside to keep tear ducts free from further contamination.

Plum Duo Eye Wash is available in pH neutralizing solution to neutralize acids and alkalis to a harmless level in 20 seconds or less, and 0.9% sterile saline to rinse dirt and debris. Bottles are housed either in open stations, or in covered stations suitable for high dust workspaces. A quick twist caps allow immediate access to the solution, which can be dispensed upright or inverted, whichever is more comfortable for the user.

View the use of Plum Duo Eye Wash at the Scienceware YouTube channel.

For more information, visit Bel-art.