Porvair Sciences, Wrexham, UK, has introduced a new range of low-profile, deep well microplates optimized for laboratory automation. The new range of stackable 96-well deep well microplates are designed to maximize storage space by offering a storage volume of 0.5 ml per well in a reduced plate height of just 27 mm. Available sterile or nonsterile, Porvairlow profile 96-well deep well plates are manufactured from RNase/DNase-free, low leachables polypropylene that undergoes extensive quality testing. Offering high chemical and temperature resistance (minus 196 °C to 121 °C) the design of these autoclavable low profile plates includes a U-bottom to enable maximum liquid uptake, alphanumeric well coding for easy sample tracking and raised well rims to enable high integrity sealing. For more information, visit Porvair Sciences.