productThis company has introduced 14 new Liquichek Autoimmune Controls. The positive controls are made with actual disease-state patient samples; the negative control is made from human serum. Controls are available for Anti-SS-A, Anti-SS-B, Anti-Sm, Anti-RNP, Anti-Scl-70, Anti-nDNA, Anti-Mitochondrial and Anti-Smooth Muscle tests.
     Five ANA controls, Homogeneous, Speckled, Nucleolar, Centromere and Mitotic Spindle can also be used for pattern recognition. A titer for endpoint sensitivity for the positive controls is provided for use with Kallestad reagents. All controls are supplied in a ready-to-use liquid, human serum based matrix and have a 2-year shelf life. The Liquichek Autoimmune Positive and Negative Controls are packaged separately in 0.5 mL vials. The four most common ANA Controls (Homogeneous, Speckled, Nucleolar and Centromere Patterns) have been packaged together in a single box.
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Keywords: autoimmune, controls