Verichem Laboratories now offers laboratory professionals in clinical, research, and in vitro diagnostic product development settings, an extensive assortment of ready-to-use, protein based, completely liquid stable clinical reference materials for both total and direct Bilirubin assays.

Intended for the calibration and calibration verification of both assays, while offering universal system compatibility with numerous automated chemistry testing systems, the Tru-Zero Bilirubin Standard; the Bilirubin Standard Kit; and the extended range Bilirubi Standard – Level F; aim to address the needs and requirements of all laboratorians.

Verichem’s Clinical reference materials for Total and Direct Bilirubin incorporate a proprietary stabilization process, which negates the need for azides, glycols, or surfactants. This feature, along with a set point design utilizing CLSI EP06-A linearity protocol, is critical for the determination of a clinical system’s accuracy, sensitivity, linearity, and reportable range. Concentration levels of the materials are verified against available NIST Standard Reference Materials using pure crystalline bilirubin and quantified by the Doumas reference method.

Plus, all of Verichem’s Bilirubin reference materials are ready-to-use, liquid stable products which do not require any reconstitution, supplemental diluents, or dilution procedures, saving the laboratory time, labor and expense. These materials also feature exceptional product stabilities, including an open-vial product stability of five days, along with a shelf-life claim of eighteen months, when stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, making them perfect for numerous calibration verification and system troubleshooting events.

And, for added product integrity, all of these Bilirubin reference materials are filled in sealed, amber serum vials, with rubber-lined closures, with each vial containing five milliliters (5.0mL’s) of respective product.