Bio-Rad Laboratories, a global provider of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, expanded the compatibility of its newest cardiac control, Cardiac Advance, to now include Beckman-Coulter instruments.  

Designed to monitor the precision of instrument testing for cardiac events, this next generation control is optimized with Troponin I and T targets near the limit of instrument detection, adhering to the latest guidelines set by AACC and IFCC, according to Bio-Rad Laboratories. In addition, Cardiac Advance control is consolidated with ten of the most tested cardiac analytes including Troponin, CK-MB, BNP/ProBNP, and Myoglobin. 

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The Cardiac Advance control is available in multiple formats including the standard Liquicheck human serum-based control as well as automation-ready InteliQ and compact vial configurations designed to help streamline QC workflows to save time and resources.  

Cardiac Advance controls are now compatible with Siemens, Roche, and Beckman-Coulter platforms and are available in the United States, Europe, and select Asian markets, the company says.

Featured image: Cardiac Advance Controls. Photo: Bio-Rad Laboratories