assurance-kit-imgAssurance interference test kit components by Sun Diagnostics LLC are available for individual sale and in customer-defined combinations, addressing the need of laboratories and manufacturers to simplify the evaluation of assays for common interferents. Assurance interference components are concentrated interferents produced from human-sourced material and purified chemicals, enabling laboratories and manufacturers to simplify the evaluation of assays for interference from lipemia, hemolysis, protein, and icterus. Interference test kit components can be used to evaluate interference in automated, semi-automated and manual assays. Components include: human-sourced triglyceride-rich lipoproteins to evaluate lipemia interference; human hemolysate to evaluate hemolysis interference; human albumin and human gamma-globulins to evaluate protein interference; and conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin to evaluate Icterus interference. With flexibility to purchase a single vial of interferent, multiple vials of one interferent, a customer-defined kit, or INT-01, which contains all of the common interferents, laboratories and manufacturers can customize their orders to meet their unique testing needs. The company also provides recommended procedures for performing screening and dose-response interference testing based on the CLSI EP7-A guidelines, and includes comprehensive data analysis tools for reporting and interpreting results. For further infoarmation, visit Sun Diagnostics.