Mettler Toledo launched a family of pH, conductivity, and ion concentration benchtop meters in a new nameplate: SevenDirect.

Developed for a wide range of applications, SevenDirect benchtop meters provide accurate measurements for an array of sample types, and were designed for ease of use and their data handling options.

An intuitive user interface on its seven-inch touchscreen facilitates the measurement process by avoiding unnecessary steps and focusing on the most important information. On-screen instructions guide through the calibration process while an integrated help system provides immediate support. Meanwhile, the EasyPlace electrode arm ensures precise placement of the sensor.

The instruments support Good Laboratory Practice compliance by storing timestamps, sample-, sensor- and user IDs with every measurement. Settings are protected from unwanted changes with a two-level user management. Automatic data transfer to PC or printer minimizes transcription errors. The guided verification process provides a straightforward way to check system performance with a clear pass/fail indication.

The SevenDirect benchtop meters feature a closed connector compartment to prevent corrosion and a replaceable protective cover to keep the instrument safe from dust and spills even with sensors attached (IP54 in-use).

SevenDirect is expandable with a range of suitable accessories. The EasyMix magnetic stirrer homogenizes liquid samples, ensuring more reproducible results. It is controlled directly by the instrument and fits to the EasyPlace electrode arm. The updated EasyDirect pH PC software simplifies results handling and easy plotting of measurement data.

For more information visit Mettler Toledo.