BD, a global medical technology company, has launched a new benchtop cell analyzer that brings sophisticated flow cytometry capabilities to laboratories of all sizes.

The new BD FACSymphony A1 Cell Analyzer is a fluorescence-activated cell analyzer that offers advanced research capabilities in a compact design, which helps improve access to instrumentation for complex scientific research to more labs.

Fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS) technology enables the precise isolation of selected single cells from complex samples. This new BD cell analyzer offers researchers and scientists, regardless of their experience and level of expertise, access to proven technology to conduct a variety of flow cytometry experiments, helping them save time by using lab resources more efficiently and expand research capabilities in their own laboratories.

“We know from our customers that research time and resource allocation are critically important factors in determining the most appropriate cell analyzer to perform their work,” said Puneet Sarin, worldwide president of BD Biosciences. “We strive to be sensitive to the needs of all laboratories regardless of size and expertise, by providing cell analyzers that meet their individual requirements.”

This BD FACSymphony A1 Cell Analyzer features BD FACSymphony instrument technology with the flexibility to meet a broad spectrum of research needs from small particle research to 16-color immunophenotyping, along with industry-standard BD FACSDiva Software for streamlined workflows from system setup to data acquisition and analysis. The BD FACSymphony A1 Cell Analyzer joins the extended family of BD FACSymphony Cell Analyzers and Sorters and is an important addition to this comprehensive line up of flow cytometers to make powerful flow cytometry capabilities more accessible to researchers.

The compact size of the system makes it ideal for individual laboratories with limited space. Researchers can perform independent detection of both large and small particles, such as extracellular vesicles on a single instrument using the optional BD Small Particle Detector. It also enables larger laboratories to perform exploratory experiments without tying up free-standing cell analyzers needed for more complex, longer lead-time experiments. 

For more information or to request a demonstration, visit BD.