COLACOLA, Columbia, Md,­ a laboratory accreditor, has established a new education subsidiary, COLA Resources Inc (CRI), which provides educational and consultive services to improve lab medicine and the quality of patient care.

CRI will deliver a wide-ranging series of online educational courses, symposia, live webinars, and other tools. COLA, which had previously offered these services, will now focus exclusively on accreditation. 

The educational platform is designed to address important industry issues, enable physicians to meet CME education requirements to qualify as a lab director of a moderate complexity laboratory, and assist lab professionals in earning P.A.C.E. credits to meet state licensure requirements.

CRI will also provide consultative services to help health care professionals create continuous quality standards to increase the accuracy of clinical test results. The program emphasizes continuous good lab practices above and beyond current regulatory requirements in lab medicine.

The subsidiary was created in response to an increasing demand by labs for this type of training.

“Creating a separate subsidiary enables CRI to focus independently on the educational needs of laboratory personnel in this fast-changing health care environment,” says Douglas Beigel, CEO, COLA.  “CRI’s comprehensive program of educational services is designed to promote laboratory excellence, which ultimately translates into better, more efficient patient care.”

CRI’s services are available to all clinical labs, including non-COLA labs.  All programs can be easily accessed through CRI’s educational portal.

Rose MaryCLP got the jump on this news, interviewing CRI’s president, Rose Mary Casados, BSMT, ASCP. CLICK HERE to read.





[Source: COLA]