Healthcare data quality provider 4medica has partnered with Civitas Networks for Health, a member-driven organization dedicated to using health information exchange (HIE) and health data, to conduct comprehensive health data quality assessments.

As part of a shared services agreement through the partnership, 4medica will conduct health data quality assessments for Civitas members at a discounted rate. 4medica hosted a Civitas members-only presentation to provide details on the health data quality assessments and information sharing subscription service.

The 4medica Health Data Quality Assessment provides a comprehensive review of data quality and identifies duplication issues that are present in an organization’s patient records. Excessive patient record duplication creates confusion for health information exchange, provider organizations, payers and laboratories.

This can lead to patient identification errors, delays in treatment, unnecessary tests and procedures, misdiagnosis, and denial of claims. The result is an inefficient healthcare system that wastes billions of dollars, jeopardizes the health of patients, and contributes to the burnout of physician and support staff.

“Our partnership with 4medica will provide significant value to our member community,” says Lisa Bari, CEO of Civitas Networks for Health. “The company’s quality assessments can alert members to duplication issues in their patient health data that could be hindering patient identification and matching. Addressing these issues is an essential step to reducing the cost of care and improving outcomes.”

Civitas Networks for Health counts more than one hundred regional and statewide health information exchanges (HIEs), regional health improvement collaboratives (RHICs), quality improvement organizations (QIOs), and more than 50 affiliated organizations as members. These entities currently reach approximately 95% of the United States population. 

“HIEs and RHICs are essential to improving care coordination, quality, and outcomes,” says Gregg Church, president of 4medica. “We’re excited to partner with a mission-driven organization like Civitas that is catalyzing these stakeholders to transform care. The opportunity to help HIEs and RHICs improve their data quality through comprehensive assessments can significantly enhance patient identification throughout the continuum of care.”

4medica’s partnership with Civitas Networks for Health reinforces the company’s renewed focus on healthcare data quality. To date, the duplication rates uncovered by 4medica’s health data assessments range from between 10% to 30% depending on the organization.

The company’s end-to-end Health Data Quality Platform delivers a guaranteed 99% patient match rate, helping healthcare organizations normalize dirty data and improve patient safety.

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