Abbott and Fujirebio announced a partnership to develop a research use only (RUO) neurofilament-light chain (Nf-L) neurology biomarker assay for use on Abbott’s Alinity i. Abbott will make the RUO assay available to researchers conducting studies demonstrating the utility of the Nf-L biomarker. 

Research with the Nf-L biomarker is ongoing in a variety of neurological diseases including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive impairment. Abbott and Fujirebio are seeking to make the Nf-L research use only assay for Abbott’s Alinity i available by 2025.

“Bringing Nf-L to Alinity i will allow researchers to benefit from the ease and functionality of Abbott’s Alinity i instruments, which are available in labs across the U.S.,” says Beth McQuiston, MD, medical director in Abbott’s diagnostics business and board-certified neurologist. “Biomarkers are playing a critical role in how we identify and treat diseases and having the appropriate testing technology will help support and advance neuroscience research.”

The Nf-L assay is the first RUO assay Abbott is bringing to the Alinity i system. Abbott is exploring research use pathway for other new biomarkers to support the research community with new RUO assays on its Alinity i system—allowing for the faster development of diagnostics and therapeutics.

“This continued partnership with Abbott is an essential step in our mission to bring a higher standard of care to patients and their families in the battle against neurodegenerative diseases,” says Monte Wiltse, president and CEO, Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.

Abbott’s Alinity systems are designed to be more efficient—running more tests in less space, generating test results faster and minimizing human errors—while continuing to provide quality results, the company says. The availability of the Alinity systems and tests varies by geography.

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