Abbott‘s new automation solution, GLP systems Track, received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is now available in the U.S. 

GLP systems Track will offer laboratories enhanced features to support high-volume needs and maximize productivity, the company says. GLP systems Track offers an array of new features for laboratories to optimize performance and safety, increase productivity, and meet growing demand. The fully customizable system provides flexibility for labs and enables staff to configure design to meet their specific needs.

“We know that our customers are seeking flexibility and scalability in their laboratory operations so they can meet ever-growing demand,” says Louis Morrone, executive vice president for Abbott’s core diagnostics business. “GLP systems Track addresses those needs, enabling labs to increase performance and improve the overall quality of their operations.”

GLP systems Track Features

GLP systems Track showcases the intelligent self-propelled single sample carrier, called CAR. Samples move independently, not attached to rigid, fixed mechanized track systems. This reduces mechanical failures that can stop the entire system, guaranteeing the continuity of the operation and the flexibility to change when the laboratory requires it.

The automation system is the first in the U.S. for clinical labs featuring this smart CAR technology, which allows samples in self-propelled cars to travel throughout the track without a belt, according to Abbott. This increases flexibility for labs and helps boost performance. The smart CAR technology streamlines operations so labs can provide quick, accurate results and deliver the best care to patients and customers.

Abbott’s GLP systems Track aims to increase quality of care by automating lab operations while focusing on cost reduction in healthcare. 

The system offers several other advantages:

  • Allows samples to travel automatically throughout the system
  • Meets demand and maximizes output via customization
  • Works in harmony with lab technicians and staff for efficient workflow
  • Helps ensure lab worker safety by minimizing contact with patients’ blood samples and preventing exposure to biomedical waste

Across different care settings, this automation system can handle a high number of test tubes each day—up to 25,000—improving turnaround time of test results for patients. It also can help reduce operational costs and eliminate manual errors.

GLP systems Track is not approved for use in U.S. blood donor and plasma testing laboratories.

Photo: Abbott