Delfi Diagnostics, developer of a new, affordable liquid biopsy test for early cancer detection, has entered into a broad research agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center’s Biomarker Development Program, led by Howard I. Scher, MD, FASCO.

The agreement creates a framework for Delfi and MSK researchers to work together on a range of projects studying Delfi’s liquid biopsy platform, advancing their shared mission of developing high performing cancer testing.

One of the first projects Delfi and MSK researchers will work on together is an expansion of Delfi’s prospective study which it initiated in 2021 that focuses on cancer detection in individuals who are eligible for lung cancer screening under current U.S. guidelines. The expanded cohort, now totaling 2,500, will be used to validate Delfi’s test for lung cancer and eight additional cancers that are more common among older, heavy smokers. MSK’s Luke R.G. Pike, MD, PhD, will also serve as lead investigator for the multi-cancer expansion.

The agreement also creates a streamlined process that will allow MSK researchers access to the Delfi platform in broad clinical contexts.

“This important agreement will lead to multiple studies exploring the power of Delfi’s platform to democratize access to highly sensitive and affordable cancer screening,” says Nic Dracopoli, PhD, Delfi’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

Delfi is developing new liquid biopsy tests for early detection based on altered genome-wide fragmentation profiles, also known as “fragmentomes,” representing aberrant packaging of DNA in cancer cells.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with Delfi to push the science forward on new ways to screen for cancer,” says Bob Li, MD, PhD, MPH, Co-Director of MSK’s Thoracic Liquid Biopsy Program and Chief Scientific Officer, MSK Direct. “There is enormous potential to reduce global cancer deaths through high performing, widely accessible blood-based cancer screening.”