Diversified Medical Healthcare (DMH), a holding company with multiple brands all dedicated to improving patient care, has acquired Dynasty Medical Laboratory Services (DMLS) to expand its menu of testing services to current and future clients.

DMLS, located in Hurricane, Utah, previously operated as a full-service toxicology lab. Its expanded services will now include pharmacogenomics, PCR testing, advanced cardiovascular and diabetes testing, cancer screening, women’s wellness panels, allergen specific IgE blood testing, toxicology, blood chemistry, and molecular diagnostics among others. Their menu now provides over 2,000 various tests for improved patient care.

“When I began Dynasty Diagnostics, now DMLS, I planned on expanding to offer a complete menu of tests,” says DMLS Founder Adam Law. “After seeing the Diversified Medical Healthcare business model and all they have accomplished to deliver innovative and reliable healthcare solutions both in the laboratory services industry as well as its other healthcare sectors that it serves, I knew that the acquisition was the right choice to carry out my plans for Dynasty’s future. I’m excited for DMLS to serve as a full-service lab for its current and future customers.”

Diversified Medical Healthcare’s other brands operate to conduct medical supply and equipment distribution, sterile medical manufacturing, and medical data management software development.

Founder of Dynasty, Adam Law has now joined DMH as the Chief Strategy Officer and is overseeing the strategic operations of all DMH companies including the laboratory that he founded, Dynasty Medical Laboratory Services. He steps into this role with over a decade working for some of the largest medical distribution companies including McKesson, specializing in laboratory equipment and supplies, which led him to his establishment of Dynasty Diagnostics.