Nanoneedle technology provider NanoMosaic announced the commercial sale of its proteomic neurological diagnostic test — Tessie — to a Boston-based healthcare system as part of its Early Access Program.

NanoMosaic previously announced that it had placed a beta system at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) for proteomic neurological diagnostic test development, “NanoMosaic Announces Beta Placement of its Tessie System at Massachusetts General Hospital to Run Clinical Sample.”

Upon achievement of exceptional testing performance metrics Zhongcong Xie, MD, PhD, group at MGH used the Tessie system to run clinical samples in order to screen biomarkers to develop a diagnostic test for post-operative delirium, as well as validate that test across a larger number of clinical samples.  Subsequently, MGH requested to purchase the Tessie system ahead of the company’s official commercial launch.

The company’s beta system at MGH has achieved performance metrics of:

  • 99% successful run time
  • 96% assay success rate
  • 6 orders of dynamic range of protein detection
  • No upfront sample preparation – samples are loaded directly from serum or plasma
  • No fluorescent labels on molecules
  • No amplification of target molecules
  • Straightforward detection workflow that is amenable to a clinical workflow
  • DIY custom content: users are creating custom chips with antibodies from their lab

“The open configuration of the MosaicNeedle chip on the Tessie platform empowers researchers to develop assays with their own affinity reagents. Simple and robust workflow paves the way for diagnostic applications,” says Qimin Quan, PhD, chief scientific officer and co-founder of NanoMosaic. “We are excited to see that Dr. Xie’s group successfully developed home-brew phosphorylated tau assays on the nanoneedle platform and was able to discriminate phosphorylated tau levels in the delirium and non-delirium patient samples. Predicative biomarkers, such as phosphorylated tau proteins, for post-operative delirium will improve patient care and decrease the risk for the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Featured image: NanoMosaic Tessie and DIY Consumable. Photo: NanoMosaic