Sema4, Stamford, Conn, has opened a. second state-of-the-art clinical laboratory in Connecticut. The newly built 70,000-square-foot facility in Stamford will have more than 300 employees and is designed to process thousands of genomic tests per day. The Stamford laboratory complements Sema4’s Branford, Conn, laboratory, which was expanded earlier this year to meet greater demand and deliver new capabilities, including covid-19 testing.

“I’m thrilled that Sema4 is making this major investment in the state,” says US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT). “I had the opportunity to recently visit Sema4’s new state-of-the-art facility in Stamford and was very impressed by the innovative team they’ve brought together and the cutting-edge automated technology. The company is at the forefront of the rapidly growing biotech sector in Connecticut and has been an outstanding partner to the state as we navigate the continued impact of covid-19.” 

Sema4’s new laboratory, which was recently licensed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, is located at 62 Southfield Avenue in the Harbor Landing area in Stamford. It replaces Sema4’s New York City laboratory, providing substantial additional capacity to support customers’ genomic testing needs and expand the company’s digital health services. Between its Stamford and Branford labs, Sema4 will further scale its ability to provide important health information across several thousand genetically identifiable diseases to patients nationwide, including its gold standard Expanded Carrier Screening test and its comprehensive suite of Sema4 Signal data-driven precision oncology solutions. The new laboratory will also enable Sema4 to deliver breakthrough scientific research in collaboration with its health system and clinical research clients and partners. 

“I’m thrilled to open our Stamford lab and to continue our growth in Connecticut,” says Eric Schadt, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of Sema4. “The new facility will be a hub for research and development, enabling us to further improve health outcomes and personalize patient care through innovative predictive modeling solutions and next generation, information-driven testing. Our opportunity for success will be driven in large part by our highly talented team as well as the access in Connecticut to a large pool of well-qualified candidates to supplement them.” 

In addition to lab employees, the Stamford facility also has capacity for 100 other Sema4 employees, including genetic counselors, bioinformatics specialists, and support service staff as part of the company’s comprehensive health intelligence platform services. Sema4 now has more than 500 employees in Connecticut across its two lab facilities plus its headquarters in Stamford, a number that has quadrupled over the last three years. Sema4 also maintains a large office in New York City.

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