Thomas Scientific, Swedesboro, NJ, has launched a molecular diagnostics business unit dedicated to serving the nation’s independent testing and reference laboratories. Thomas Molecular Diagnostics is focused on taking a process-driven approach rather than a catalog-driven one, backed by a team of technical experts ready to provide free custom workflow assessments and solutions.

“Our team is here to help you as consultants,” says Vice President Chad Jenkins. “As scientists we’ve worn your gloves, know your pains, and can offer solutions that achieve results faster, better and at a lower total cost.”

The covid-19 pandemic has proven to be an accelerant in Thomas Scientific’s strategy to be a leading distributor serving molecular diagnostics testing needs. With demand suddenly skyrocketing, an increasing number of labs began turning to Thomas to fulfill “urgent needs for supplies, chemicals, and more,” says Jenkins. This quickly evolved into what is now a strong foundation of top suppliers, products and technical expertise covering the entire molecular diagnostics workflow.

Michael Brown, senior vice president of Molecular Diagnostics, has assembled a talented group of regional experts—including Northeast Director Jessica Weidner, PhD, who share a dedication to helping scientists improve lab operations.

“Our team of Business Development Directors each bring a unique skill set that helps support the needs of a diverse and growing field,” says Brown. “Some of our customers require support with a custom swab, while others may need support with understanding FDA requirements for at-home sample collection.”

Thomas’s focus is on providing custom consultations that help labs optimize all five steps of the molecular diagnostics workflow: collection, extraction, amplification, detection, and storage. Inefficiency during any step can drain a lab’s resources while engendering ineffective research outcomes. Examples include collection mistakes jeopardizing detection results or useless samples resulting from improper cold storage.

“First and foremost, our goal is to understand our customers’ scientific needs,” says Brown. “This extends beyond ‘stabilizing their supply chain’—often resulting in technical conversations about the extraction method, instrumentation used, and even sample viscosity. The more our team understands the entire workflow, the more able we are to make recommendations on alternative, strategically-sourced products and eliminate persistent pain points for the end user.”

For more information, visit Thomas Scientific.