Versant Diagnostics, an independent physician services company focused on anatomic pathology, announced its collaboration with Bangor, Maine-based Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates and Dahl-Chase Diagnostic Services

Dahl-Chase serves hospitals and physician offices with surgical pathology, histology, immunohistochemistry, cytology, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics services.

“We believe Dahl-Chase has built a strong legacy as a trusted diagnostics and pathology resource for more than 50 years,” says Jim Billington, CEO at Versant Diagnostics. “They align perfectly with our mission of combining a talented and diverse team of subspecialized pathologists with dynamic growth strategies and cutting-edge technology. This partnership is a perfect fit for Versant.”

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With more affiliations being developed for 2023 and 2024, Versant Diagnostics continues its growth strategy with groups like Dahl-Chase. Versant’s ambitious plans include entering into agreements with independent pathology practices with diverse subspecialties around the country, growing them through a variety of innovative strategies, and ultimately converting them to digital pathology. With access to Versant’s pathologists, community providers can collaborate on specific health issues with experts anywhere at any time.

“Our longstanding commitment to health care provider success propels us forward,” says Dahl-Chase President Scott Dufresne, MD. “Our strategic collaboration with Versant provides us additional resources to elevate our physician services and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We are excited about what we will accomplish together.”

Backing for the strategy is made possible by Iron Path Capital.