H1N1 Detection Set Granted FDA emergency use authorization

The RealTime ready influenza A/H1N1 detection set, from Roche, Basel, Switzerland, has received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA. The Roche kit detects RNA from the 2009 H1N1 Influenza A virus and allows rapid and accurate identification of patients infected with this virus. The detection set is used in conjunction with Roche’s RealTime ready RNA Virus Master kit. The assay is carried out on the Roche MagNA Pure LC platform for nucleic acid isolation and the LightCycler® 2.0 system for real-time PCR.

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DNA/DNase Free Collection Swabs Certified to contain less than 25 pg of DNA

Puritan Medical Products, Guilford, Me, launches a comprehensive new line of Human DNA and DNase free sample-collection devices that are certified as free of Human DNA contamination down to less than 25 pg, and as DNase free by Clean Earth Technologies. The lack of even trace amounts of Human DNA or DNase make the swabs ideal for collection and transfer of even the most minute amounts of DNA. Currently, the Puritan DNA-Free product line includes cotton-tipped swabs, foam swabs, and nylon-tipped flocked swabs.

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VSE Vented balance enclosure

HEMCO, Independence, Mo, now offers the VSE—a versatile vented balance enclosure, ideal for critical weighing procedures involving hazardous powders and liquids, that is vented to an exhaust system. Constructed of chemical-resistant metal framing with 1/4-inch-thick clear tempered safety glass side panels and viewing sash, the VSE comes in 24-, 36-, and 48-inch widths to accommodate all analytical balances. The viewing sash is angled 15° for ease of viewing comfort with an 8-inch reach in opening height, and the sash swings up to provide 20 inches of access opening. Two service ports are located in the lower right and the left rear wall.

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Finnpipette F2 Reduces repetitive strain

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milford, Mass, introduces its Finnpipette F2 with an upgraded soft-touch tip ejector for increased ergonomics. A patented gearing mechanism decreases the tip ejection force, helping to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. The combination of soft-touch tip ejector, softly contoured handle and wide, supportive finger rest provides a comfortable and easy-to-use pipette. Its advanced volume-gearing mechanism allows for volume precision within two decimal places; the double-action pipetting button prevents volume drift during pipetting. The Finnpipette F2 includes a range of variable and fixed-volume single-channel pipettes covering 0.2 µL to 10 mL for assured versatility. Multichannel models are also available, with volumes ranging from 1 to 300 µL.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Aerospray Automatic Slide Stainers/Cytocentrifuges Stains hematology, gram, or acid fast specimens

Wescor, Logan, Utah, an ELITech Group company, introduces the Aerospray family of dual-purpose, microprocessor-controlled slide-staining and cell-preparation systems, which can stain hematology, gram, or acid fast bacteria specimens. The stainers use atomizing spray nozzles to apply fresh reagents onto microscope slides mounted in a rotating carousel, producing specimens with clean fields with no cross-contamination. Additionally, the device can automatically warn users when reagent levels are low and when a CLEAN cycle is recommended. The new Aerospray stainers include the Aerospray Stat, for water-based hematology staining; Aerospray Pro, for alcohol-based hematology applications; Aerospray Gram, for microbiology applications; and Aerospray TB, for acid fast bacteria applications. The Cytopro stand-alone cytocentrifuge is also available.

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