Q-Series UV Magnifier Lamps

Feature white light or short-wave UV tubes
Q-Series UV magnifier lamps, from Spectroline®, Westbury, NY, feature 12 models with different combinations of long-wave UV, short-wave UV, and white light, which enable labs to select the right lamp for a particular application, from bacterial identification to specimen staining. Q-Series lamps come with one, two, or four long-wave UV tubes, and most models feature either white light or short-wave UV tubes. A high-resolution magnifier lens provides three-power magnification at an 8-inch focal length. The lamps are constructed with a high-impact polycarbonate housing enclosing a specular aluminum reflector, which ensures maximum irradiance. A pedestal stand accessory is available for hands-free operation.

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Anoxomat Anaerobic System

Emits no hazardous gases or materials
Advanced Instruments, Norwood, Mass, offers its Anoxomat™ anaerobic system for the laboratory cultivation of bacteria, which provides environmentally friendly benefits over gas-bag methods that generate large quantities of hazardous waste. In less than 3 minutes, the system can create anaerobic and microaerophilic environments in reusable jars with no hazardous gases or materials. The system checks whether the catalyst is capable of achieving the desired conditions and warns if there is a threat of failure. A built-in quality assurance system tests for leaks before incubation.

Advanced Instruments
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Tapentadol Reference Standards

Convenient standards for tox analysis
Cerilliant, Round Rock, Tex, in cooperation with Tapentadol patent holders, has introduced certified reference standards of the new pain-management drug, Tapentadol, and its primary metabolite, N-Desmethyltapentadol, in Cerilliant’s Snap-N-Spike™ Snap-N-Shoot® format. Tapentadol, sold under the brand name NUCYNTA™, is a new centrally acting analgesic treating moderate to severe acute pain. The authorized, certified standards come ready-made for laboratories needing reference materials for pain prescription monitoring or toxicology analysis. The company has also announced plans to introduce deuterium-labeled internal standards and additional metabolites of Tapentadol.

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PCR Workstation

Effective decontamination of solutions, reagents, and equipment
Hoefer, Holliston, Mass, has announced the introduction of its new PCR workstation, which allows labs to effectively decontaminate solutions, reagents, and equipment before carrying out sensitive PCR reactions, particularly when amplifying DNA fragments that are either in limited supply or low copy number. Four timer-controlled 15-watt UV bulbs enable the user to control the exposure time and dose of high-energy UV irradiation required to denature nucleic acids preventing background contamination. Two safety interlocks switch off the UV bulbs automatically when the cabinet side doors are opened, preventing accidental exposure to the UV source. A single white light bulb illuminates the work area when the cabinet is in use.

Hoefer Inc
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Chromatography Pipette Tips

Sample preparation for proteomics
Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Diego, introduces the new Thermo Scientific Aspire protein A, protein G, and IMAC cobalt chromatography tips. Aspire™ proteomic tips are 1-mL pipette tips embedded with various Thermo Scientific Pierce resins, including immobilized protein A plus, protein G plus, and HisPur cobalt resins. The tips utilize color-coded purification workflows and allow accelerated sample preparation without compromising yield or purity. Up to eight samples can be processed in parallel within 20 minutes without the need for centrifugation.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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