productThe Ovation BioNatural Pipette product line now includes models that aspirate and dispense fluids at specific fixed volumes. The new fixed volume Ovation pipettes share an identical ergonomic structure with the variable volume models introduced earlier this year. Both single stroke and two stroke (with overblow) models are available in a number of volume increments ranging from 1µL to 1000µL. In addition, this company will custom manufacture units in additional volume settings upon request.
     The Ovation pipette’s shape and operating position effortlessly reinforces ergonomically-correct pipetting by encouraging the users hand, wrist, and arm to assume more neutral postures during all phases of the pipetting cycle. This permits muscles and joints to operate efficiently with minimum effort levels, thereby reducing discomfort, fatigue and work-related injuries, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.
VistaLab Technologies
Keywords: pipette, safety