The HemaSpin™-PLUS Centrifuge Package is now available with new accessories, including buckets, lids, and inserts. The new buckets are specially shaped to hold blood bags, while the new lids have been designed for use with both filtered and nonfiltered blood bags. Additionally, the inserts and lids can be pulled from the centrifuge without removing the buckets. The HemaSpin-PLUS can spin four blood bags on a laboratory benchtop. The package features the Rotanta 460RS refrigerated centrifuge with a brushless drive and an enhanced control panel for refined spinning procedures, including step braking. RPM and RCF are programmable in increments of 10. The HemaSpin-PLUS package has automatic rotor recognition. The centrifuge features a metal housing and a stainless steel chamber. Safety features include lid lock and hold, emergency lid release, motor overheat protection, and imbalance switch off.

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