photoThe Auto 2-D Two Dimensional DNA Electrophoresis System combines multiplex PCR with the high resolution of two-dimensional denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis.
   The system is designed for screening large numbers of individual DNA samples for mutations and polymorphisms in very large or multiple genes. This automated 2-D electrophoresis system consecutively resolves DNA fragment mixtures on the basis of both size (1-D) and base pair sequence (2-D) within the same gel without manual interference (patent pending).
   The sample is first separated horizontally and then the electric field reoriented so that separated fragments enter a contiguous vertical U/F gradient to reveal characteristic melting points of each fragment. The multiplex PCR protocol permits co-amplification of up to 24 fragments in one single reaction, while 2-D electrophoresis can resolve about 40 fragments with an average size of 300bp including the GC-clamp in six hours.
   Two models of the system are available: the TDGS-4004, which holds two dual-gel cassettes, and the TDGS-2004, which holds one dual-gel cassette. Standard features on both models include a reinforced buffer tank with drain valve, digital heater/stirrer/buffer cycler, gel casting system, gradient maker and mini-pump, as well as a glass safety cover, interlocking power leads and power supply. Also supplied with each unit are dual cassette(s), glass plates, combs, spacers, clamps and other necessary hardware. C.B.S. Scientific