productThe new Excelsior Tissue Processor is a fully automatic solution for tissue processing and reagent storage and handling, with enhanced safety features.
     The Excelsior’s In-Process Reagent Management feature automatically rotates reagents during the processing run, so that manual pouring and filling is no longer necessary. It also reduces reagent use. Built-in safety features protect both technicians and specimens. The battery back-up allows processing to be carried on the safest environment in the event of a power outage. And downdraft ventilation around the reaction chamber reduces exposure to hazardous vapors when adding cassettes after the processing has started.
     The circular reaction chamber and gentle contra-stir agitation promote maximum fluid penetration through baskets and cassettes for high quality, consistent processing. It has a maximum capacity of 222 cassettes. Its sloped lid is designed to remove condensation, prevent carry-over, and prolong the life of reagents. The processing baskets are microwaveable, allowing for microwave pre-fixation of dense or fatty tissues.
     Reduced reagent use should provide significant cost savings. Other features include pre-heated reagents, remote monitoring and LIS interface, 12 customized programs, three flush options, multilingual operations, five levels of contra-stir agitation, seven password protected areas, three distinct fill levels, vacuum cycling, and complete temperature control with an ambient option.
     A complete line of tissue processing consumables is also available, including formalin, reagent alcohol, xylene, xylene substitute, paraffin, cassettes and biopsy bags.
Thermo Shandon
Keywords: tissue processor, histology, automation