productBBL GC-Lect agar is a selective plated medium that provides enhanced growth and recovery of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. This product was created in order to provide the additional inhibition required to prevent overgrowth of the pathogenic variety of Neisseria in specimens containing Capnocytophaga species. The combination of five antimicrobial agents in this agar that inhibit gram-positive bacteria result in improved inhibition and selectivity.

Because this agar contains a decreased concentration of vancomycin, it permits the growth of certain gonococcal strains that are inhibited on standard Modified Thayer-Martin Agar (MTM). In clinical evaluation of 500 samples, visible growth of N. gonorrhoeae occurred within 24 hours in 72% of the positive cultures on this agar, compared with only 52% in the reference medium, MTM Agar.
Keywords: microbiology, STD, medium