Bio-Rad Laboratories announced the launch of the BioPlex® 2200 MMRV IgG kit for use on the company’s BioPlex 2200 system. The MMRV IgG kit (measles; mumps; rubella; and the varicella-zoster virus, commonly known as chicken pox) provides simultaneous results for the four tests that are commonly ordered together to determine a patient’s susceptibility to MMRV.

The BioPlex 2200 MMRV IgG kit offers the advantage of multiplexing to deliver test results from a single patient sample. As a result, labs are able to generate test results quickly and with less effort. MMRV are infectious diseases that are preventable through vaccination. Maintaining high vaccination coverage and providing MMRV IgG results when an individual’s status is uncertain is the most effective way to prevent disease outbreaks. Employees in healthcare facilities and military personnel, among others, are typically screened for MMRV IgG to ensure their safety.

"With the introduction of the BioPlex 2200 MMRV IgG kit, Bio-Rad offers a compelling menu for infectious disease serology and autoimmune testing laboratories," said John Goetz, Bio-Rad Vice President and Group Manager Clinical Diagnostics. "The MMRV IgG kit is the latest in our expanding menu of assays that run on our BioPlex 2200 system."

The BioPlex 2200 system is the first and only fully-automated, random access multiplex testing system and provides clinical laboratories with the capability to rapidly process or "multiplex" multiple individual tests that are traditionally processed separately. The BioPlex 2200 system conserves patient sample volume, consolidates workstations, and simplifies workflow.

Source: Bio-Rad Laboratories