The Glucose 201 system uses a single-test microcuvette concept, and offers the convenience and portability of a hand-held pocket-sized analyzer.
     The system uses dual wavelength spectophotometry and specially designed microcuvettes containing freeze-dried reagent. It is not sensitive to extreme hematocrit values, high bilirubin levels or drug interference. Samples can be analyzed directly after being taken, avoiding glycolysis.
     The Glucose 201 weighs less than one pound, making it easy to transport for point of care use.
     The system is factory calibrated and has an internal electronic "self-test." Every time the analyzer is turned on, it will automatically verify the performance of the optronic unit. This test is performed every second hour if the analyzer is left on. Several sources of liquid controls assayed for the Glucose 201 are available.
Keywords: glucose analyzer, diabetes, point of care