productThese 10 cu. ft. stackable benchtop and 30 cu. ft reach-in chambers provide precise temperature control from 5 to 60ÞC and humidity from 20% to 98% RH. The stability and photostability chambers are designed specifically to meet the ICH guidelines for general stability testing of new drug substances and products Q1A(R), long term and accelerated refrigerated testing and photostability testing (Q1B).
     The photostability chamber offers advantages over conventional chambers including tight temperature and humidity control, adjustable light distances and a low cost per sample area. Also, units may be customized for specific applications. It also is interchangeable as a temperature and humidity stability chamber.
     Standard features include: stainless steel interiors, LED temperature and humidity display, audible and visual temperature alarms and stainless steel wire rod shelves.
Keyword: chamber, photostability