productSickle-Chex is a positive and negative whole-blood control for testing for the presence of hemoglobin S in solubility tests and hemoglobin electrophoresis.
     The control assists the laboratory by indicating the proper appearance of positive and negative reactions when used with the following solubility test kits: SickleDex, Dade Sickle-Sol Test, Pacific Hemostasis SickleScreen Kit, Sickle-STAT and Columbia Calibre Sickle Cell Reagent Set.
     Sickle-Chex is packaged in a 2.5ml squeeze dropper vial that dispenses an accurate sample volume. No pipetting is required. This new whole blood control does not require reconstitution prior to use. It has 60-day open-vial and closed-vial stability and produces consistent accurate results throughout the dating.
Streck Laboratories
Keyword: control, hemoglobin S