Copan Diagnostics has recently launched a new Web site as the company continues to grow and diversify. Copan’s new site is filled with informational tools, such as scientific studies, educational training videos, brochures, news and events, technical information, and more.

“We wanted the new site to be more intuitive and make information easily accessible, and user friendly. We constantly add to our site updated information that is relevant to our customers, and we hope that with this Web site, it will be easier for them to access the information,” said Norman Sharples, Copan Diagnostics’ Executive Vice-President.

The redesigned Web site features many educational resources, such as Multilanguage training videos that various hospitals, clinics and private laboratories constantly request to supplement their trainings programs, in a functional manner.

Video topics include independent scientific opinions on proper patient sampling techniques, discussions on the importance of conducting quality control to differentiate brands of transport systems, illustrations and videos on Copan products, like ESwab, which features Copan patented Flocked Swab technology, as well as Copan’s automated plating and streaking instrument, the WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor.

Copan continuously adds videos to its library, and new videos will be featured on its homepage periodically. By providing frequently updated information, the Web site invites users to revisit it for current, practical information.

Because Copan recognizes the importance of proper training in sample collection in Microbiology to optimize results, featuring videos and other educational resources and making them easy to access on its Web site was paramount in the development of this site. All high definition videos and independent scientific studies can be accessed from the Web site free of charge, and reflect the professional opinion and original research of experienced scientists.

Sharples hopes that the improved Web site will serve as a portal to provide customers with information quicker and more efficiently and to function as a useful resource for customers interested in the pre-analytical phase of Microbiology. “In the end, a proper diagnosis can only be achieved from a proper sample. I sincerely hope that the information, products, and resources we offer on our site are helpful and that our reinvented Web site will provide another tool for those in the industry,” Sharples concludes.

Source: Copan Diagnostics