Two models of cryogenic liquid nitrogen dry vapor shippers are now included in the Thermosafe™ line of products. The Cryogenic Shipper-DS model ships infectious substances, while the CryogenicShipper-DG model safely transports diagnostic specimens.
     Contents in the cryogenic shippers can be transported at or below -150ºC for as long as 16 days. The single-unit shippers ensure that specimens stay at their proper temperature without being damaged from crystallization. Both DS and DG shippers require no exterior packaging, and their design eliminates the need for a separate mushroom cap, typically used to package liquid nitrogen storage vessels. A tip-tolerant design and screw cap seals in residual liquid nitrogen while allowing for vapor ventilation.
     ThermoSafe’s cryogenic shippers weigh 18 lbs, and have been tested and certified for full compliance with International Air Transport Association packaging instructions 602 and 650 for shipment by air of infectious substances and diagnostic specimens.

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