The Protector Work Station is designed specifically for pathologists and histotechnologists. Like a traditional fume hood, it has a front air foil and rear baffle that direct inflow air across the work area and away from the operator. Chemical vapors are contained within the enclosure.
     Several styles are available that offer a variety of ducting options. Models are available for connection either to a remote blower, where the ducting connection may be made either from the back, top or side of the enclosure, or with a built-in blower if ducting to the outside is not feasible.
     Models with a built-in blower are available which use specially treated charcoal filters. These filter packs keep low level concentrations of toluene, xylene, formalin and formaldehyde below the OSHA recommended time-weighted averages and restore clean air to breathe.
Keywords: fume hood, work station, safety