The GasPak EZ System from BD Diagnostic Systems offers a total of six new varieties of gas-generating systems used for creating Anaerobic, Campylobacter, or CO2-enriched environments in either containers or pouches. Both the GasPak™ EZ™ Container System and the GasPak™ EZ Pouch System are designed so no water or catalyst is required for activation. The new systems also require less time to create the desired environment as compared to the traditional GasPak™ line. One key innovation of the new GasPak EZ Container System is the stackable, rectangular incubation container. The new containers feature easy-close latches and a shatter-resistant polymer construction that is impenetrable by gas. They also offer removable Petri dish racks that are designed to hold either 15–18 BBL™ plates in the small container or 30–33 BBL plates in the larger container. Additionally, the system boasts the GasPak EZ Pouch System. Each pouch system contains 20 resealable pouches and 20 GasPak EZ gas-generating sachets. The anaerobe pouch system also includes 20 BBL Anaerobic Indicators to assure quality control of the system.

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