productThe MB600 incorporates all of the features of this company’s MB workstation line, and is designed for large facilities running a number of shifts and applications with a variety of users. It features an extra deep sink and optional foot pedal valves for easy access to running water. MB600 ergonomically accommodates the entire staff, from a working level as low as 33.5” to a maximum counter height of 45.5” and is also wheelchair accessible.
     Standard features include a magnetic instrument tool bar, polyethylene cutting board, washable in/cm ruler, fan control module, paper towel dispenser, flat access panel, sink well, fluorescent light, hand spray rinse, G.F.C.I. duplex outlet, elevating up/down switch and hot/cold water fixture.
     Optional features include digital camera stand, video camera arm, video monitor stand, writing ledge, literature holder, perimeter rinse, magnification lights, formalin/fluid collection, specimen scale, HP disposal, splash shield, water foot pedals and scale stands.
Keywords: pathology, histology, workstation