Harvard Biosciences Inc has been ranked the number one biotech company in Massachusetts in the 2011 Boston Globe 100, the Boston Globe’s annual survey of the best-performing public companies headquartered in Massachusetts. Harvard Bioscience has also been ranked number 10 out of all 100 companies in the survey.

"We are thrilled that the Boston Globe has recognized us as the number one biotech company in Massachusetts,” said David Green, president, Harvard Biosciences. “This recognition is a consequence of our strong track record of growth and profitability of our core life science research tools business, even during the great recession, our exciting growth opportunity in regenerative medicine and the exceptional commitment of our employees around the globe. Regenerative medicine, by growing organs outside the body for transplant, holds the promise of improving the lives of the significant number of patients with organ failure. Harvard Bioscience’s regenerative medicine devices are used by surgeons and scientists to grow tissues and organs for transplant. Harvard Bioscience has been a Massachusetts company since its founding in 1901 at Harvard Medical School.

“We started developing regenerative medicine devices when customers of our research products requested modifications to allow organs to be grown outside the body,” said Green. “The company’s first regenerative medicine product was used by Dr. Paolo Macchiarini to perform the world’s first human transplant of a regenerated trachea. The work was published in The Lancet in 2008. The Company has also collaborated with Dr. Harald Ott and Massachusetts General Hospital to design and manufacture a novel bioreactor that was used to grow and transplant a functional lung in a lab model of lung failure, another world first. Ott’s work was published in Nature Medicine in 2010."